Triple Jump Press Kit

Edited on Sept 5, 2023


Triple Jump Press Kit

Welcome to the Triple Jump press page. Here you can find information about us and our new NES multi-cartridge.


Triple Jump is a new platform game multi-cartridge for the NES, for 1 to 4 players. It contains three NES platformers: Micro Mages: Second Quest, Spacegulls, Böbl + 1 bonus mini game

Triple Jump complete in box

Fact Sheet


▪ Micro Mages: Second Quest

▪ Böbl

▪ Spacegulls

▪ Bonus Mini Game

Triple Jump Features

Morphcat Games

We are a two-man team bouncing around Berlin, dedicated to bringing new games to old hardware.

Julius Riecke

Julius created Morphcat Games in 2011 when he released the NES demo Super Bat Puncher. He made other games during game jams and also composes music on his free time. On Micro Mages, Böbl and Spacegulls, he did the programming, created tools for optimization as well as music and sound effects.

Nicolas Bétoux

Nicolas joined Julius during the game jam Ludum Dare 32 and together they created a tiny NES game named Banana Nana. On Micro Mages, Böbl and Spacegulls, he made the graphics, level design and illustrations (box and instruction booklet).

History & Challenges

After our initial successful Kickstarter for Micro Mages, we continued creating jump 'n runs for NESdev compo (Böbl and Spacegulls ). As well as Micro Mages: Second Quest, a DLC for Micro Mages featuring 26 brand-new levels. These three games never saw an official physical cartridge release, so we decided to release them as a compilation.

Much like NES games in the past, our games were programmed using the 6502 assembly language.

Fun was our number one priority and we spent a lot of time on polish. Fluid gameplay, tight controls and a carefully balanced challenge were our dedication.



Download the trailer video




Download a .zip of the screenshots (contains more pictures than shown below)

Key art and illustrations

Download a .zip of the illustrations (contains more pictures than shown below)


Download a .zip of the sprites (contains more pictures than shown below)

Title and Logos

Download a .zip of title and logos (contains more pictures than shown below)

Miscellaneous pictures

Download a .zip of miscellaneous pictures (contains more pictures than shown below)

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