Micro Mages

Micro Mages is a new platform game for the NES, play solo or with up to 4 players simultaneously. Fight to get the best score or cooperate to overcome challenging levels.

Micro Mages NES version

Micro Mages is an homage to NES-era platformers. Being a homebrew NES game itself, it was made completely from scratch. We carefully distilled the spirit of the best games in the system's library, all the while drawing inspiration from the modern and putting our own spin on things, creating an experience like no other on the NES. We have been working meticulously for the past two years to bring you an experience on-par with commercial releases of the era. Micro Mages is in no way affiliated, endorsed or licensed by Nintendo.


  • Up to 4 players simultaneously
  • 8 worlds spanning a total of 26 levels (normal + hard mode)
  • Dangerous traps, monsters and bosses
  • 40 Kilobytes, fully optimized
  • and more...

Instruction Booklet

We invite you to check the Micro Mages manual PDF


Visit our press kit page for more information.


For support, consider joining our Discord Server, the community may be able to help you more quickly than we currently can! We are there, too, of course, replying to messages whenever we are able to.

Original Soundtrack

Micro Mages OST is available on Bandcamp (contains 2 bonus tracks by Heophoros and Blitz Lunar).

Kickstarter Campaign

We ran a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for cartridge, box and manual production. Check out the Updates section of the campaign page for news.


Here's a video where we explain some of the optimization techniques we used to fit Micro Mages into 40 Kilobytes.

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