NES game. Platform. 1 Player. 2020

Böbl is a short game for NES made in 1 month for the NESdev compo 2019. You're a bubble, water is your friend and solid tiles kill you. Hold A to dive, then release and let buoyancy handle the rest. Let's find all the lost duckies!
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Micro Mages

NES game. Platform/Adventure. 1-4 Players. 2019

Micro Mages is an original homebrew game for the NES console. Play solo or with up to 4 players simultaneously. Fight to get the best score or cooperate to overcome challenging areas.
Windows version + ROM / Steam + ROM / NES cartridges + ROM

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Super Bat Puncher

NES Game. Platform/Adventure. 1-2 Players. Demo available. 2011

Super Bat Puncher is an original homebrew game for the NES console. Explore the dark caverns of a mysterious planet and find out about the plague that threatens Earth.

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