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Good-bye blog!

2017-05-28 10:10 UTC

We have recently revamped the website and this blog is no longer linked from the home page. I don't plan on maintaining it in the future and it will probably disappear at some point. For news, I suggest you follow us on twitter or check out our facebook page.

I know some of you will still be reading this and I'd like to thank all of you for your continued support and kind words over the years.

As the last post stirred some confusion, I want to clarify the status of Super Bat Puncher:
I consider the SBP demo a finished game at this point. If there ever will be more SBP, it will be a new game and feel more like a sequel to the demo. Don't count on it.

About the new project

Here goes a little extra info for all of you who have been following the blog closely!

At the end of 2015, we decided to make an NROM game. (i.e. 32KB for code/data, 8KB for graphics, like Super Mario Bros. and many other early NES titles).
There is only so much you can do with these limitations and we thought it would be a good start to familiarize ourselves with any obstacles that may arise in the crowdfunding and cartridge production processes before we go all out and create something more ambitious.

Don't be fooled, though, this project is pretty crazy in its own right and we did, in fact, go all out and attempted to make it the best NROM game we could. A large part of its development time was spent on optimization and polish. We presented it at various local events and got a lot of valuable feedback... It certainly stretches the limits of what we thought possible in 40KB and is probably more akin to games released later in the NES's life span in many ways.

Anyway, our initial motivation was to bring something new to the NES's library of games: we felt the scope of most 4-player games on the system was very limited, so our wish was to create a platformer that allowed up to four friends to embark on a real adventure. Consider multiplayer an extra, though. We did make sure it is, first and foremost, a fun single-player experience.

We are currently making final touches, completing box and manual design and are preparing for a Kickstarter campaign later this year. The game will be 100% complete before we start any crowdfunding, that's our #1 requirement and promise.

NROM game screenshot

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State of affairs

2016-05-11 16:21 UTC

NES development is tough, especially when personal issues interfere. Over the years, I had maneuvered myself into a dark place from which it was difficult to spend any time on hobbies, let alone finish any sort of project.
Things have been changing, however. I have learned to treat myself better and life is treating me well in return.

Last year I got to know a pixel artist from Berlin who is just as crazy about the NES. Well, after a short game called Banana Nana which we made over the course of a Ludum Dare weekend, it was clear we would continue working together. So Morphcat Games is now officially two people, which makes homebrewing a much smoother process.

At some point, the question arose of whether we should team up to work on Super Bat Puncher. At that time I didn't want anyone in on the project. That might have been a bit of a stubborn decision, but that's how things are now.
Being aware of the complexity and amount of work involved in creating NES games, I originally set very modest goals for SBP: The final version was supposed to be just 4-6 levels long and all was going well until after the demo, when I made the fatal decision that this game deserved more...
So the codebase needed a major overhaul and that is where I got stuck. At this point, with how my skills and tools have improved, it will be faster to remake the engine from scratch. That or revert to the original plan and half-bake the game.

If you've been waiting for Super Bat Puncher, I am sorry. It's not going to come out anytime soon and I cannot promise it ever will be.
Morphcat Games is not dead and we're confident we can bring something great to the NES, but there will be no demo nor much talk about what's going on in the shadows until we have a finished product.

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Crowdfunding rumors

2014-04-06 11:24 UTC

If I could choose to have a super power, it would be answering e-mails and writing blog entries at the speed of light.

Ok, let's get straight to the point.

I've been considering running a Kickstarter for Super Bat Puncher, but decided against it, at least for now. I have found a pretty enjoyable job last year, so there finally is a good excuse for the lack of progress on SBP. Except I actually get more work done on personal projects now than when things weren't as stable. There is no reason to risk that.

My plan is to work on SBP on the side for now and, once the game nears completion, use Kickstarter and saved money to put in one year of polishing and preparing for the eventual release.

Sorry for the lack of a real update. :(

By the way, what is your favorite water level in video game history?

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The not-so-extensive SBP Dev-FAQ

2012-01-13 08:03 UTC

Here's the follow-up. It's only been four months and there are just two reoccuring questions to be answered, actually.

Will there be a cartridge release?

That is one of my top priorities. The game uses a relatively simple mapper in order to make cartridge production feasible and (relatively) inexpensive.

An even higher priority is to get the game out to as many people as possible. Thus, I am also aiming for a free rom release or, at the very least, for another, lengthier playable demo. In any case, apart from owning a physical copy of the game, the cartridge version may appeal to you for one other reason: Bonus content.

How is the game progressing?

To say I am drowning in work and can't even find a lunch break's worth of time would be an overstatement. Still, life has gotten a little busy for me and development on Super Bat Puncher is still on hold. And yet, I can't stop thinking about Captain Roast and the bat plague. I might have fallen in love with this project or something!

So, no ETA, yet, and with how things look currently, more time will have to pass before I can pick up work on SBP again.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who mailed/PMed me, made fan art (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) or sent feedback in any other way. It has been super duper encouraging!!

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Super Bat Puncher demo cartridge auction

2011-09-01 08:29 UTC

Currently, a bunch of Super Bat Puncher demo cartridges is being auctioned at and

Twenty of these were made in total, each beta tester had the chance to grab one, the remaining ones are those in the auction.
Half of the proceeds will be donated to Nintendoage to pay for their server upkeep. The other half will go to Memblers from NESdev who is working on a new, feature-rich and inexpensive mapper for NES games. That means, purchasing a demo cartridge can help make a cartridge release of the full version of SBP happen and be affordable.

Super Bat Puncher demo cartridges

Also, I apologize to everyone who has been trying to contact me by mail or forum PM. I gave up on answering these eventually, the feedback was unexpectedly overwhelming. There will be a follow-up to this blog entry responding to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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